Andrew Shilling

Andrew heads the Property Tax Team and has been a tax partner for more than a decade and a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser for nearly 25 years. He discovered the stamp duty refund law when he moved home in 2014, and fondly remembers a time in his youth when stamp duty was only 1% and house prices were a third of today's values.


Karen Doe

Karen is the Property Tax Team Leader and has over 30 years of tax experience, including a stint at HM Revenue & Customs. She is the Team's lead advisor on property transactions, and hopes to one day own a home in France, where the rates of property tax are even higher than in the UK.


Am Downing

Am has been with the firm for over a decade and is a Chartered Certified Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser. She leads the Property Tax Team's relations with HM Revenue & Customs and manages the progress of stamp duty refunds, and hopes to buy her dream home next year.


Jack Potter

Jack joined the firm two years ago, having acquired a bachelor's degree from the University of Kent. Jack now deals with a diverse range of properties, specialising in houses valued over £1 million. Jack is grateful for all the knowledge he has acquired, and can now fall back onto a career as an estate agent if needs be.


Callum Saunderson

Callum graduated two years ago with a Masters degree in Global and Imperial History from Queen Mary University. He handles a diverse portfolio of clients and specialises in the tax treatment of rural properties and unusual urban properties. One day Callum hopes to be able to buy a house in one of the exotic places he spent so long reading about when studying for his degree.


Nadeem Sooklall

Nadeem is a Chartered Certified Accountant and a Chartered Tax Adviser. He is a consultant in the Property Tax Team and handles a diverse range of property tax issues, including specialising in the tax treatment of high value residential properties. Nadeem recently purchased his first property and is therefore an expert on claiming valuable stamp duty reliefs.


Nikesh Sandal

Nikesh joined the firm last year, having recently graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Classics from Bristol University. He is a consultant on the Stamp Duty team and handles a diverse range of properties. He specialises in the tax treatment of residential properties valued over £0.5 million.

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Hugh Collins

Hugh graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Bristol, and recently completed his master’s degree in International Real Estate and Planning at University College London. Having recently joined the firm, Hugh is looking forward to applying both his recent study and experience in residential agency to the tax treatment of property.


Edward Holden

Edward graduated two years ago with a History and Politics degree from Exeter University. He has a keen interest in tax matters and has developed an extensive knowledge of property tax. Edward aspires to become a Chartered Accountant, and hopes one day to buy a home on the east coast of Australia where stamp duty rates are much lower than the UK.


Parvesh Sharma

Parvesh graduated two years ago with an Economics degree from Plymouth University. He previously worked in the property sector where he gained extensive experience in dealing with the process of negotiating and acquiring commercial property. Parvesh handles a diverse portfolio of clients and specialises in the tax treatment of city and suburban homes.


Luke Landsberg

Luke joined the firm after graduating from Greenwich University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business with Finance. He now applies the skills and expertise he gained during this time to the property market, and into developing a detailed knowledge of property tax legislation. One day Luke dreams of enjoying a more relaxed life in the Italian countryside.

Shammi Arora crop

Shammi Arora

Shammi joined the Firm after graduating from Brunel University with a First-class Bachelor’s degree in Politics and Economics. He specialises in the tax treatment of high value residential properties across the UK, and particularly those properties with unusual features. Shammi hopes to utilise his burgeoning property tax expertise and political insights to climb onto the property ladder in the near future.

Ravi Kavia crop

Ravi Kavia

Ravi recently joined the Firm having graduated from Queen Mary University with a Masters degree in Law and Finance. He now applies his skills to the property market and the tax treatment of residential properties. Ravi specialises in handling properties valued at over £1 million, and hopes to qualify for the stamp duty exemption for first time buyers when he purchases a property soon.


Jacqueline Dixon

Jacqueline has been a member of the Administration Team at Rawlinson & Hunter since 2011.  Previously Jacqueline worked in the arts, after graduating with a BA Honours in French Studies.  As well as her home town of London, Jacqueline has lived in various cities and towns such as Paris, Marseille, Leeds and Harrogate, and has utilised her passion for interior design to renovate various houses and apartments.